SeBaSa Writing Guidelines: Indonesian Journal of Language and Literature Education

For authors who want to publish their articles in SeBaSa: Indonesian Journal of Language and Literature Education, we recommend reading and complying with the following writing guidelines.

  1. Articles received are research results, conceptual thinking, or critical reviews in the field of language, literature, or learning. Articles that are published are the results of research, theoretical concepts and thoughts that offer new value.
  2. Submitted articles are manuscripts that have never been published or are not being proposed in journals or other media. The manuscript is submitted online through the OJSÂ SeBaSa page on
  3. Authors are allowed to withdraw articles that have been submitted before as long as they have not arrived at the review process by giving notice to the editor. If the manuscript has reached the review stage, the author is not allowed to withdraw the manuscript, unless the manuscript is declared rejected by the reviewer.
  4. Before submitting the manuscript, the author first creates an account and registers
  5. Articles are written in good and correct Indonesian. The title of the article is written in English. Article length between a maximum of 4000 words, paper type A4 spaced 1.15 cm, average size left-right 3 cm, top-down 3 cm, Garamond 12pt, format doc./docx./rtf. (windows 2007 and above). it is recommended to follow the template that has been provided.
  6. The author submits an article manuscript that has been adapted to the SeBaSa style: Journal of Indonesian Language and Literature Education. Please download (INDONESIAN NEW TEMPLATE), Or (English NEW TEMPLATE). Articles that do not fit the SeBaSa Journal template will be returned to the author for correction. Only articles that fit the SeBaSa Journal template format will be processed by the Editor.
  7. The content of the article written is purely the responsibility of the Author.
  8. Referral libraries are arranged alphabetically and chronologically. It is recommended to use applications, such as New Mendeley reference Manager should use APA Style (see examples in http://www.apastyle.orgor IEEE.
  9. When necessary, the editor has the right to edit the article without changing the substance of the manuscript.
  10.  SeBaSa journal  is published twice a year in May and November.

*The content in the article is the full responsibility of the author.