Journal History

SOSIO EDUKASI Jurnal Studi Masyarakat dan Pendidikan published twice a year, in December and June. SOSIO EDUKASI Jurnal Studi Masyarakat dan Pendidikan, from now on referred to as SOSIO EDUKASI, publishes articles based on research results and critical analysis. SOSIO EDUKASI is an Education and Sociology journal published by the Sociology Education Study Program, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Universitas Hamzanwadi. Publishing aims to facilitate interaction, discussion, advocacy, and updating of ideas from social and educational scientists from various regions in Indonesia. This journal seeks to present a wealth of insights and interpretations on various social and educational phenomena in Indonesia and other countries. But still can inspire and learn to study in Indonesia.

Since it was first published in 2017, the SOSIO EDUKASI article template has undergone two changes. The first template for 2017 is valid until Volume 2 Number 1, 2018. Then from Volume 2 Number 2 2019, the SOSIO EDUKASI template has changed until now.

Starting from Volume 6, Number 1 SOSIO EDUKASI participates in the CrossMark scheme, a multi-publisher initiative that has developed a standard way for readers to find current versions of articles. By implementing the CrossMark policy, SOSIO EDUKASI is committed to safeguarding the content it publishes and alerting readers of changes if and when they occur.