Penerapan Media Realia Untuk Meningkatkan Kecerdasan Naturalis Anak

Zuhud Ramdani


The study aims to determine the Realia implementation  of the use of media promoting  child naturalist intelligence. The Method used in this study is a research method of action cosisting of four stages : Planning, implementation, observation, and reflection.  Data  collection techniques  in this  research observation ,  interview,  and  documentation study.  Action research was conducted in May-July 2015,  against 22 Children in Group B TK Bumi Gora Selong. These results indicate that the use of realia media can improve childres’s intellegence  naturalist. The average naturalist children at the pre-cycle recorded at 40,77%, the score increased to 62,18% at the end of the cycle to-1,and then increased to 85,4% at end of 2end cycle. Results of this study implies that media use realia can be used as an alternative method that is good for improving intellegence naturalist


naturalist intellegence; PAUD; real Media,

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