About the Journal

SOSIO EDUKASI Jurnal Studi Masyarakat dan Pendidikan is a community study and education journal. SOSIO EDUKASI is published by the Department of Sociology Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Economic, Universitas Hamzanwadi. SOSIO EDUKASI is published twice a year, in December and June. SOSIO EDUKASI publishes articles derived from the results of research and critical analysis. Publishing ideas aim to facilitate interaction, discussion, advocacy, and updating pictures from social and educational scientists from various regions in Indonesia and abroad.

This journal aims to provide insight and interpretation of different social and educational phenomena in Indonesia and other countries. It can inspire learning for community studies and education in Indonesia. 

SOSIO EDUKASI Jurnal Studi Masyarakat dan Pendidikan is a scientific publication, so only scientific manuscripts are accepted and have never been published. The policies in the review process in SOSIO EDUKASI are as follows:

  1. The review process involves writers, editors, section editors, and reviewers.
  2. The review process is carried out using double-blind peer review. The identity of the reviewer and author is hidden from the reviewer and vice versa.
  3. The editor first checks each submitted article to see if it follows the focus, scope, and guidelines and checks for plagiarism.
  4. Two reviewers will review the article to ensure the quality of the article from the title, abstract, discussion, and conclusion.
  5. Articles go through a review process for six weeks with the criteria for evaluating the manuscript as stated in the Article Assessment Form for reviewers.
  6. The reviewer explains the novelty and contribution of the article to scientific discussion.
  7. Reviewers provide feedback on whether the article deserves to be accepted, rejected, and needs minor or major revisions.