Penerapan Modeling Instruction Dan Simulasi PhET Dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Menganalisis

Hilmi Setia Hati, Sapiruddin Sapiruddin


This study aims to determine the increase in students' ability to analyze by applying modeling instruction and simulation media PhET. The research method used is a quasi experimental method with one group pretest posttest design. In this study, samples were taken as many as 33 people. The instrument used in the study was a multiple choice test. This test consists of 5 questions in the analyze category. Data analysis in this study used the Gain Normality Test. From the calculation results obtained an average value of N-gain of 0.7, it can be concluded that the application of modeling instruction and simulation media PhET can improve the ability to analyze students.

DOI: 10.29408/kpj.v4i1.1820


Modeling Instruction, PhET and Ability to analyze

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