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VELES (Voices of English Language Education Society)

Name of Journal:VELES (Voices of English Language Education Society)
First Published:2017
Issued:Two times a year | April and October
DOI:Prefix 10.29408/veles
Editor-in-chief:Maman Asrobi
Publisher:Universitas Hamzanwadi
Citation analysis: Google Scholar GARUDA SINTA

The journal of VELES (Voices of English Language Education Society) (e-ISSN 2579-7484) is an academic journal that focuses on enlightening and enhancing the methods of teaching and learning English as a second language. The journal offers a variety of research and articles from specialists, teachers, and practitioners in the area of English language education, aiming to convey modern and fresh viewpoints. This journal seeks to offer profound insights into efficient teaching methods, pertinent curriculum design, and a better comprehension of the process of English language learning through thorough research and innovative techniques. As a result, the "Journal of Illuminating English Teaching and Learning" develops into a resource for English language education practitioners and observers who are dedicated to improving the caliber of teaching and learning in the classroom. VELES journal is a biannual journal published in April and October by Hamzanwadi University.

The Journal of VELES has been accredited in rank 2 (SINTA 2) by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia (RISTEKDIKTI, Decree No: 5162/EA/AK.04/2021) concerning the Accreditation Rank of Scientific Journal Period I 2021 since Vol. 4 No. 2 in 2020. Yet, the Journal of VELES also previously has been indexed by some indexing sites such as Sinta Google SchoolGarudaOne SearchDimensions Index Copernicusetc.

All articles in the VELES Journal have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) with DOI Prefix: 10.29408/veles by Crossref

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