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VELES journal (e-ISSN 2579-7484) is an open-access journal that publishes issues triannually in April, August, and December. It focuses on enhancing and enlightening the teaching and learning of the English language, serving as a vital resource for educators, researchers, and practitioners in the field. The journal operates under a strict copyright notice, where authors retain the copyright of their articles while granting the journal rights to publish and distribute their work. It also maintains a clear sponsorship disclosure to ensure transparency about the funding of published articles. The privacy of contributors and subscribers is safeguarded through a robust privacy statement, ensuring that personal information is used solely for the journal's purposes and not disclosed to third parties. Additionally, the journal is included in the LOCKSS archival system, which provides a secure and permanent archiving solution, ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of its content. 

All articles in the VELES Journal have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) with DOI Prefix: 10.29408/veles by Crossref

Name of Journal : Voices of English Language Education Society
Initial : VELES
First Published : 2017
Issued : Three times a year | April, August, and December
DOI : Prefix 10.29408/veles
e-ISSN : 2579-7484
Editor-in-chief : Maman Asrobi
Publisher : Universitas Hamzanwadi
Citation analysis : Google Scholar GARUDA SINTA


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